Full-Text Search your Web History & Bookmarks

Automatically indexes websites you visit, so you can search with any word you remember. All data stored locally.

Highlights & Annotations

Drop copy-pasting text and links into other documents. Keep your thoughts connected to the content they are about.

Tags, Lists & Bookmarks

Blazing fast organisation of websites & notes via the sidebar & keyboard shortcuts.

Quickly save & organise content on the go

Encrypted sync between your computer, iOS & Android devices.

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Two screens showing saving tags on mobile

Your data and attention is yours!

Memex is offline first. WorldBrain.io is a steward-owned company funded without Venture Capital investments.

An image showing the logos of Pocket, Diigo, Raindrop, Chrome, Firefox and Instapaper

Easily migrate from your (previously) favorite tools

Import your existing bookmarks & web history from Pocket, Diigo, Raindrop.io and many more.

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∞ Full-Text History Search

∞ Annotations

∞ Collections & Tags

Mobile App for iOS & Android

∞ Manual backup to any cloud provider

You can make backups to your local hard drive and any cloud provider that syncs via a folder (e.g. Dropbox). You just have to remember doing them regularly.


€ 2

Everything in basic

Automatic backups

End2End Encrypted Sync between your mobile phone

Join the Community

Leave your feature ideas, engage in the feedback process and shape the future of Memex.

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Open Source

Copy. Modify. Innovate. Contribute. Adapt Memex' code and move your data to a version that suits you best.

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